Monday, May 28, 2012

3 Steps on How to Pin old photos you saved from the Internet before Pinterest

Today I am devoting it to getting to those projects that I never seemed to finish. One of them is to go through my computer photos. Before Pinterest I used to just save favorite things to my computer. While they are nice in my photo gallery I like the idea of putting everything I have up on Pinterest and giving them credit and a link.

  I don’t ever look at my photo gallery and we need to keep things going on Pinterest. A lot of people just simply re-pin the things their friends do. There is a whole world out there waiting to be found and pinned.

 If you want to put up images that you have saved a long time ago but don’t remember where you got them from there is a somewhat easy way to find an original source (might not be the same one but close to).

1.) So the first step is making sure you have installed the "Pin It" button on your bookmarks bar.
   If you don't know how, you can find the info on your Pinterest page in the about section.

2.)  Ok next you open up Google (only works in Google chrome or Firefox 3.0 or higher) and from the home page click search images.

 I usually have my Google page and my photos file open side by side at this point.

3.) Now all you have to do is drag your photo onto search images. I choose this cute rocking chair I found online a while back. It will find it automatically on the web. Pick the link you want to give it credit to.

Open up the page and click on your "Pin It" button on your bookmarks bar that you installed first.

Once you click Pin It you will see a list of all the photos on that part of the site. Click the one you want to pin. Now you also have all the tools to truly create unique boards.

 There you go! Instead of files on your computer hard drive that separate and organize your photos you can have different boards on Pinterest to organize and share it!

 Remember that this is a public group so make sure you don’t post things that are so personal that you don’t want them shared with everyone on the internet. Please check pinterest etiquette in your Terms and Services section on your Pinterest page to see the suggestions to help keep the community positive and to ensure that every pin is useful to other people.

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