Friday, June 1, 2012

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

The Inspiration Jo-anna inpsired me

Pinterest has inspired me to create more than any other site. One of the things I needed was a new soap dispenser for the master bathroom.  My taste and my boyfriend’s taste is a little eclectic with a touch of re-purposing things. Ever since I had met him he had always used an old salsa jar to hold his toothbrushes. I kind of liked that about him. It was cute and a little bit “country.” I’m not talking country like western, I’m talking he lived in the country and didn't really have much need to buy fancy things. I loved this. He loves glass jars and thinks that “they are too nice to throw out.” Now that we have a stock pile of old jars that we used and reused a bunch of times I have been able to keep our jar collection down. But I still have a sweet spot for mason jars.

I saw on pinterest a cool easy project that turned an old jar into a soap dispenser. The only step really was to get the metal lid, drill a hole big enough to get the soap dispenser pump to fit. I just used the pump from the soft-soap container that we currently were using, cut it a little bit shorter and insert it into the hole I drilled. I hot-glued around the bottom of the lid around the pump to ensure a good seal. Put a cute piece of scrapbook paper around the lid and glued that on top. 

What pinterest DIDN'T say is that glass on top of a ceramic sink made it slide too much. 

Tip: Hot glue the bottom of the jar to make a bit of a buffer. I just did circles, let it harden and then it has stabilized the jar from sliding. I love hot glue.

I also had an old coil pot I had made in like 4th grade that I have been using for my makeup stuff and q-tips since I can remember. It was no use trying to "match" it up with a tooth brush holder and soap dispenser ( I had tried ). So I really like our mismatched things that really speak volumes about us. When the Roberto's salsa jar get yucky I just toss it in the dishwasher So simple. So us.

UPDATE:: Scrapbook paper "obviously" didnt last long with out a protective layer on it. I took it off and went with the jar top plain. If you want to Protect the paper look Here for what I did to fix that situation!

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  1. Awesome! It looks great! And I'm honoured that I inspired you! :)