Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Year Two garden boxes

Update: Year two on the Garden Boxes.

So those garden boxes came up so well this year. we were able to move on to focusing more on our garden and Less ended up being More.

Today I found a new favorite thing, cucumbers.  The garden boxes we made last year were somewhat a success.  This year we learned from some of our mistakes. The First year the vegetables were root bound and we did not take them out of the biodegradable containers, so we did not harvest a lot of vegetables.

This year we took them out of the containers and already I can tell a difference in our garden.  The cucumber plant is the most exciting for me and I've already reaped some benefits from it.  I have decided that my favorite snack now is slicing up a cucumber and dipping it in cream cheese.

I really think you're going to hear a lot about cucumber inspiration.  Not that anyone is really listening I still think it is fun.

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