Saturday, November 30, 2013

2 Steps to a Winter craft Snow Flake Wreath and Bonus Ideas

Cost: Free !
Ok well I had these snowflakes for a while and they just lacked umph. You can get them in a pack for $2 

Snowflake Wreath

I have been trying to reuse and reinvigorate old Xmas items. In today's post you see that I made a wreath ornament out of cheap plastic snowflake ornaments that I hot glued the ends together of and found a pretty bow from last years bag of gift bags! (They are too nice to throw away and look that bow is gorgeous!) Those plastic snowflakes last year were on each of my cabinet doors dangling down on a ribbon. Have to say I am in love with the wreath though!

Plastic Snowflakes
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Bow or ribbon to hang


1.) Arrange snowflakes in a circle where a point can overlap and Hot Glue that
2.) Tie a ribbon around it


Day time view
Close up. You can see better they are just a cheap set of plastic snowflakes. Once Hot glued together ! Wreath!
Even at night it is still so beautiful. (Yes that is a troll picking his nose! Gift from mom!)

All in all a success. 

Bonus: I added some Christmas ornaments to my existing candle holders to spruce that up.
 Bonus: My favorite add on though may be the elf hat and ears I bought for my dog one year. It now dons our kitchenaid !

Operation get ready for Christmas is under way !