Tuesday, December 10, 2013

6 Steps to your own Arrowroot (cornstarch) and baking soda ornaments

"Their" cost : $9.99

Our cost : Free ?! 
Ok so the supplies are usually already in your home. 
If not, the amount I used versus the amount this stuff costs equaled about .18 cents.


1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup arrowroot (or cornstarch, we have arrowroot)
3/4 cup water

Plastic wrap

Optional: Straw or something to poke out hole for string and cookie cutters to make a shape around the impression. 


1: Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan. Stir consistently over low heat.  About five mins in mine started clumping so we mixed faster. At about ten mins in it started thickening up. Almost feeling like glue. Once it's so thick it's difficult to bring your spoon through take it off the heat and let cool for a few mins or until it's cool to the touch. It took us 15 mins of stirring over low heat to get to that point. Cook yours out longer ours was not even close and could have been less sticky.

2: Remove. Let cool

I tired rolling it before it was all cooled and it didn't want to do that. Just kept sticking. So be patient and wait until it is not sticky. 

Mine may have wanted to be over heat longer. It's still sticky to the touch.

Hours hours later it was dried enough to roll

3: Roll out.

4: Place paw (key to first home, child's foot etc) in it firmly

4.5: Embellish the print (if you couldn't get a deep enough impression. We were gentle because I wanted to be able to wipe it off the animals easy. Tip: Have a wet warm soapy rag on hand). We used a chopstick.

5: Let completely dry before painting

Then the weekend ended. Allowing the imprints to dry thoroughly for a whole week. (really only recommended 24 hours but things got busy).

Advice: Really really cook out all the moisture you possibly can. make it so very difficult for you to drag that spoon through. It's a weird liquid / solid gak type substance ( delicious in my beef and broccoli, I swear secret ingredient type stuff).  

6: Paint! Some cracks started showing so first coat of paint I recommend is a white latex paint. After that dried we then decorated. Painters Tip: Wait until the first two contrasting colors dry before painting any trim or embellishments for best results.