Saturday, January 18, 2014

4 Steps to DIY Photo or Word Magnets

Cost: Free!

“This is too nice to throw away.” That’s our phrase. And a lot of things really are, or take up microscopic space like this next project !

We live in new construction suburbia. Lots of old school “door to door” sales men. The one’s that I enjoy are the ones that just leave their flyers. Some have gotten smart and leave a magnet on your garage door. This company that was promoting their services gave me the inspiration to tear off the sticker. Use it as a Label and Magnify that with these flat glass marbles or gems.


Hot glue

Flat Glass Marbles or Gems

(I encourage you to get a large bag of ones that speak to your color scheme for other projects. Clear ones work best for this one. I scored a half gallon size bag of these at goodwill for .99 for other things and it has paid off)

Imagination of what you want to "magnify"

(You can always glue card stock to it to write on them if the sticker doesn't peel off nice or you bought one)

These magnets are so easy to cut up into any shape and size !

1.) Write directly on the white!

2.) Trace a "gem".

3.) Cut the magnet.

4.) Hot Glue word side on bottom of the gem.

(Tip: If you are doing this with photos to magnify them you can use photo glue ) 

Used here to label the steel lids of my canisters on my island! 

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