Friday, March 7, 2014

5 Tips to building an AWESOME Cat Shelf

Cat shelf!

Yes we built a shelf for the cat. 

Just think of all the possibilities! One a little above you by the bed to keep them off you! An unused nook in the room you notice them in the most! 

Cost: Free! 

We had all the supplies lying around. 

2 metal braces we had up in our garage not doing anything and were there when we moved in.

1 Some extra carpet that also came with the house 
1 Piece of wood, cat sized
1 Staple gun and lots of staples

 Drill and a Few Screws

2 Dry Wall Anchors (got ones rated to 70lbs. We have a DENSE kittie)

I am AWESOME at stapling carpet to the wood apparently.

5 TIPS :

1.) Make sure staples are all the way in. I pushed the carpet away and got in real close. Then if I felt it at all I Hammered it in. 

2.) To get it tight around the corners I snipped away some of the carpet, stapled it and then did the actual wrap around and stapled some more and more and more and more. Remember the kitties have claws and like to use them.

3.) If you can use a stud, DO! Kitties jump and I like the idea of it NOT EVER ripping out of the wall.

4.) How to find a Stud the easy way. Take the strongest magnet you have. Run it up and down the wall till it sticks. That means its a nail and that means its a stud so you know its running up and down from there.

5.) Use a corner to stick the cat shelf in. That way there is a place for curling up in.  

See the dog trying to figure out how to get there!

Yes we have now made a Kittie Highway for the stairway. 
Puppy Proof ! 

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