Thursday, May 15, 2014

4 Steps to Creating a Chalkboard Cabinet Door with Measuring Cups and Measurement Conversions

 Chalkboard Craze! I absolutely LOVE the idea of making surfaces multi-purpose. On top of that there are also other benefits to having my measuring cups all have a home and always in an order. Baking is just that much more fun when I can leave my cabinet door open and have every spice and measuring cup at hand! The measurement conversions come in handy too! Most of the materials I already had on hand too!

Cost : $3.67 for the Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalkboard Flat-Black Spray Paint

Chalkboard spray paint
Piece of wood
Cup Hooks
Masking Tape


 4 Steps to creating this:

1.) Get a slim piece of scrap wood to add to the middle of the inside of the door. I attached this using wood glue and used a heavy object to hold it in place overnight while the glue dried. 
TIP: Make sure that when you are opening and closing your cabinet door that the extra wood and what will be hanging off of them do not interfere with the existing interior shelves.

2.) Line up all of the utensils in the order you want them to hang. Using a Sharpie color in the holes to mark where you will be drilling. 

3.) Pre-Drill the holes slightly smaller then the coffee cup hooks you will be screwing them into. Screw in cup hooks.

4.) Mask the edges of the wood you do NOT want paint on and then spray away! Following the instructions on the can, it is important to prep the chalkboard with chalk then erase once its dry. 

Voila ! And a Beautiful addition to our home! Though I do have to warn you... this cabinet door is noisy if you find you swing cabinet doors open fiercely. Which apparently I used to do but no longer as the clanking of Stainless Steel is enough to make me have a new softer approach !