Sunday, August 4, 2013

Can Overripe Cucumbers be salvaged and Zucchinis up to our ears.

So today we realized that I have not taken a look at the garden closely enough. A lot of my cucumbers have been growing too long and are now yellow almost orange.

 The Internet has a lot to say about these over ripe cucumbers. I tried a bite of one. The outer edge leaves a lot to be desired. So. Since I have an abundane... Going to peel them and try some recipes that may make use of them. If not... Then nothing wasted. Have to say they are going to make great test subjects.

First. These were floating around Pinterest. The link didn't go anywhere but the directions were in the subject field anyway. Worth ashot

Shots! Lets do a shot of rum. Or make a Mojito while I am trying these out. Sounds good to me. (Mojito : origin has been butchered. Mint from garden and clear rum are correct. Rest is just Sierra mist. Lazy Mojito)

Alright. Back to the cucumbers. 

Sassy water ? Why not.

Also have a huge zucchini from the neighbors that I have already
made one successful bread out of. Took enough to make another and then I am going to try and make some chips.

Well first batch of chips burnt. Next.

New method. 
350. Seeds out. Folded on half. 30 mins

In the meantime back to this. 

Ok so lets just say.... cucumbers were well past their mark and this barely helped. Trash.

Zucchini chips were way too thin and I didn't even take photos. Zucchini bread was amazing.

Sassy water.... well let's say I got sassy before making it.

Next project. 

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